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Improving TestNG Reporting

Recently, the test suite I maintain kept crashing in the reporting phase. After some digging, and a number of report-free runs, I found the problem.

There's a bug in TestNG's reporter that is a known issue with using a StringBuffer to generate large amounts of html. This is simple to fix. We just have to disable the html reporter.

The . . .

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December 09, 2012

Wrapping WebElement 1

Basic Wrapping

I'm starting a series called "Wrapping WebElement" that takes you through my process of creating selophane,
a library that wraps WebElements with functionality. Work on the library is ongoing, with the codebase opening up by New Year's Day. But documentation and testing must come before a public release.

We start with the . . .

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December 08, 2012

Enabling Quiet Exceptions

From Selenium 2.23 and beyond, you can save a bit of bandwidth on failure by enabling the following feature in capabilities:

capObj.setCapability("webdriver.remote.quietExceptions", true); 

This disables the default behavior of taking a screen-shot, UUEncoding it, and sending it back to the host machine. In the minimum it will save . . .

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December 04, 2012


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